Fitness Clubs and Premises Liability

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    Patron accidents are a constant danger to fitness centers, health clubs, restaurants, stores and other businesses that have people on their properties, and the lawsuits that inevitably result. While defending against these lawsuits can be costly, losing can be devastating for a company. When the stakes are high, our clients trust our lawyers to efficiently and effectively defend them against major premises liability lawsuits.

    At Yoka & Smith, LLP, we have been named an All Star Go-To Law Firm for our many years of successfully defending FORTUNE 500® companies and other major corporations against high-exposure lawsuits. From our California office, our Los Angeles attorneys represent clients nationwide. With years of experience, a technologically advanced and efficient approach, and a commitment to our clients' interests, we are prepared to handle the most complicated and high-profile cases.

    California Gym and Fitness Center Injury Defense Attorneys

    Defending fitness centers and health clubs is a major emphasis of our legal practice. With representative clients that include Fitness International, LLC (L.A. Fitness), as well as major insurance carriers, we are well-versed in defending clients against fitness center liability claims. We defend fitness centers, gyms and hotels with fitness rooms against catastrophic personal injury claims arising from accidents involving patrons injured while working out and in nonexercise situations.

    Premises Liability Defense for Other Businesses

    We also defend commercial building owners, hotels, retail outlets and restaurants against premises liability claims involving:

    • Slip and falls: Slip and falls are the most common premises liability claims. These claims usually involve some type of spill or property condition that causes a fall, leading to personal injuries.
    • Inadequate safety: When fires, building damage or structural problems occur, injured parties will blame the accident on inadequate safety measures taken by the property owner.
    • Negligent security: Injured parties will often turn to property owners to assume liability for the dangerous conduct of the business's patrons. If a sexual assault or battery occurs, a patron may often blame inadequate security in order to bring a lawsuit against a business that is sure to have more assets than the actual assailant.

    At Yoka & Smith, LLP, we bring an experienced, sophisticated approach to defending our clients against high-stakes claims. We have built a reputation for providing an efficient and effective results-oriented defense and personalized legal services to all of the businesses we represent across the nation.

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