Chelgren v. The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company


    Plaintiff, Ron Chelgren, alleged that in October 2014 he tripped on an 8-inch “unleveled concrete pathway” in front of the service bays at a Just Tires store in Simi Valley.   The store is operated by Goodyear.   Plaintiff claims he fell to the ground after talking to a store manager about replacing the tires on his car.   He claimed that he landed on his shoulder and that his arm started hurting immediately.  Plaintiff went to his doctor the same day.

    Plaintiff sued Goodyear and the owner of the premises (“MAC Limited Partnership”) for “severe shoulder, arm, neck and back injuries.”   The complaint alleged theories of general negligence and premises liability.  According to Plaintiff’s attorney, Goodyear and MAC were aware that the property had a dangerous condition which created an unreasonable risk of harm.   Plaintiff further claimed that the property violated various building codes.   Plaintiff claims that Goodyear and MAC should have removed the “unleveled concrete pathway” so that customers would not be injured.

    After approximately 15 minutes of deliberation, the jury voted 11-1 for defense on liability.  

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