Oubre vs. County of Los Angeles, Gilbert Nelson


    David T. McCann represented the defendants, County of Los Angeles and its employee, Gilbert Nelson.

    This case arose out of a two-vehicle accident that occurred in March 19, 1999, in Los Angeles. At that time, Mr. Nelson, in the course and scope of his employment with the County of Los Angeles, was operating a county vehicle when he exited a freeway, intending to turn right and head north on a surface street. However, there was construction taking place on the street. In order to avoid blocking the intersection, Mr. Nelson headed straight through the intersection. The signal light for vehicles traveling in the direction Mr. Nelson was traveling when he entered the intersection was green. In order to avoid blocking traffic within the intersection, Mr. Nelson proceeded forward as the light changed. By the time Mr. Nelson reached the southbound number three lane of the surface street, the light for plaintiff's direction of travel had turned green and Mr. Nelson was struck on the right, rear side by plaintiff's vehicle. Plaintiff sustained soft tissue injuries to her neck, shoulders and low back, with a possible herniated disk at the L4-5 level. Settlement demand prior to trial was $150,000, then reduced to $75,000; offer of $15,000. Case was tried in January and the jury returned a defense verdict.


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