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    The Go-To Law Firm for Carrier Liability Defense

    For trucking companies and carriers, it is imperative to defend against lawsuits aggressively and successfully. Many plaintiffs' attorneys spend their careers targeting the transportation industry, and a single loss in a major claim could be ruinous for a company.

    With FORTUNE 500® companies and other major transportation corporations among our representative clients, we bring years of real trial experience and proven defense strategies to every case we handle. Because of our many years of successfully defending litigation, we have earned the title All Star Go-To Law Firm. Our Los Angeles transportation and trucking liability defense attorneys efficiently and effectively represent clients in California and throughout the nation.

    Trucking Accident Litigation

    At Yoka & Smith, LLP, our lawyers defend clients against claims involving:

    • Trucking accidents: Large vehicle accidents often result in catastrophic personal injuries or wrongful death, leading to major litigation. Plaintiffs will pursue claims aggressively and do everything possible to obtain maximum compensation. We represent trucking companies, truck owners, drivers and lessors of big rigs/tractor-trailers, delivery trucks, buses and other large vehicles.
    • Freight claims: We defend carriers in freight claims involving cargo loss and damage. In most cases, these claims are breach of contract claims for the carrier failing to deliver the cargo to its destination undamaged in a timely fashion. We have experience determining the scope of liability, choice of law for particular freight claims and the best strategy for defending against these claims.

    When facing major litigation involving trucking accidents or freight and cargo loss claims, clients trust the experience and aggressive defense strategies of Yoka & Smith.

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