Tire Litigation

    Defense Against Tire Defect Claims

    With thousands of accidents every year resulting from tire failure, tire litigation is a lucrative product liability practice for countless plaintiffs' attorneys and law firms. While many claims are small and easily managed by tire companies' in-house legal team, some of these claims involve catastrophic personal injuries or complex tort actions. These cases require a team of dedicated lawyers that focuses primarily on defending and trying these cases.

    At Yoka & Smith, LLP, our attorneys defend major tire companies throughout the nation against a range of tire claims. With years of experience in successfully defending clients against these claims, we proudly count The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company, Cooper Tire & Rubber Company and Continental Tire the Americas among our representative clients.

    Yoka & Smith, LLP, has recently been selected as an All Star Go-To Law Firm, a distinction given only to law firms that have been selected as Go-To Law Firms for at least five years in a row. When the litigation is high-stakes and losing is not an option, our clients trust the proven efficient and effective defense litigation strategies of Yoka & Smith.

    Experienced Tire Product Liability Defense Attorneys

    At Yoka & Smith, LLP, we represent tire companies against a range of product liability claims, including claims of:

    • Tire failure
    • Tread separation
    • Blowouts
    • Faulty valve stems

    Regional Counsel

    In addition to our defense of tire defect lawsuits, we also serve as regional counsel for major tire companies throughout the nation, providing services that include compliance, risk assessment, contracts and environmental law issues.

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