Punch Press Liability

    Protection Against Punch Press Accident Litigation

    Punch presses can be dangerous industrial equipment, and when injuries occur, they are often serious. For companies using these tools, punch presses can present high-exposure to employee third-party lawsuits under the punch press exception to the "exclusive remedy" rule of workers' compensation. It is important to work with a team of attorneys with the experience and skill to efficiently and effectively defend punch press lawsuits.

    When employees have accidents and suffer injuries at work, workers' compensation law governs their recovery for damages suffered, and while employees are entitled to certain benefits, they are generally barred from bringing lawsuits against their employers. Under punch press exception cases, if the employer allegedly removed the punch press' safety guards, a statutory exception allows an employee to bring claims against the employer.

    At Yoka & Smith, LLP, we have been selected as an All Star Go-To Law Firm for our years of successful defense for businesses against major, high-stakes lawsuits, including punch press liability cases. From our California law firm, our Los Angeles lawyers have won numerous punch press cases on Summary Judgment motions. We are experienced in the case law and statutes governing this specialized area of the law in order to maximize our clients' rights to Summary Judgment and minimize the often catastrophic exposure raised by these lawsuits.

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