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    The operation of industrial and heavy equipment can be dangerous, and the manufacture, rental, and sale of industrial and heavy equipment carry high exposure to litigation. Most lawsuits stemming from industrial and heavy equipment defects or accidents are not small matters. In fact, a single successful lawsuit of this kind can be catastrophic. For companies in the industrial and heavy equipment industry, it is essential to work with a team of lawyers that can provide solid defense, backed by experience and proven trial strategies, against these claims.

    At Yoka & Smith, LLP, we have been selected as a Go-To Firm for five consecutive years, earning us the All Star Go-To Law Firm distinction. With Fortune 500 companies and other major corporations among our representative clients, we truly are a go-to firm when the stakes are high and losing is not an option. From our California law firm office, our Los Angeles attorneys provide individual trial representation and regional trial counsel for clients across the nation.

    Product Liability Defense ∙ California Industrial and Heavy Equipment Accident Attorneys

    Our attorneys provide defense against product liability claims, catastrophic personal injury claims and tort actions involving:

    • Loaders, dozers, backhoes, dump trucks, cranes, forklifts and other construction equipmentinjuries
    • Punch presses third-party liability lawsuits
    • Tractors, combines, processing and other farming equipment
    • Material handling, manufacturing and processing equipment
    • 18-wheelers, delivery trucks and other transportation/trucking equipment

    We take on large cases for midsized to nationally recognized companies. We are a trial firm, focused on defending clients in high-stakes courtroom litigation.

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