Fire and Petrochemical Liability

    Go-To Law Firm Providing Strong Defense Against Petrochemical Accident Claims

    Fire and petrochemical accidents usually involve serious injuries and damage. The lawsuits that inevitably arise from these incidents are intense, with extensive damages at stake. Failing to successfully defend against a lawsuit of this kind can be disastrous for a business.

    At Yoka & Smith, LLP, we are no stranger to high-stakes litigation. We are prepared to handle the most complicated catastrophic personal injury, class-action and complex tort claims stemming from fires and petrochemical claims. From our California law office, our Los Angeles attorneys represent local companies and other major manufacturing corporations throughout the country.

    Fires, Explosions, Petrochemical and Propane Litigation Defense

    As an All Star Go-To Law Firm, we are experienced and prepared to defend clients against claims involving:

    • Commercial and residential fires: Our lawyers defend businesses, homeowners and insurance companies against liability resulting from fires.
    • Petrochemical accidents: Major accidents result in major litigation and environmental cleanup. We help corporations weather the aftermath of petrochemical accidents with sound legal counsel and proven litigation defense strategies.
    • Explosions: Explosions can occur from propane tanks, electrical malfunctions and a variety of other causes. We protect our clients from liability resulting from explosions on their properties.
    • Environmental litigation: After explosions and other accidents, and even during the regular course of production, lawsuits can arise from lack of compliance, environmental damage and other allegations.
    • Propane cases: There are no small propane cases. If a propane tank explodes, it will result in major injuries and damage in almost every case. Our lawyers have handled a large number of propane cases for our clients over the years, and we are prepared to defend our clients against even the most severe propane accident claims.

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