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    In many ways, a toxic waste claim is the worst thing that can happen to a corporation. Between the litigation costs, the bad publicity and the cleanup costs, a toxic spill or other accident can cripple an otherwise thriving business.

    Toxic lawsuits are major cases, often leading to complex litigation and class-action suits. When the stakes are high, clients throughout the nation trust the Los Angeles environmental litigation attorneys of Yoka & Smith, LLP. With years of experience, our lawyers represent clients in California and nationwide. As an All Star Go-To Law Firm — a distinction earned for five or more consecutive years listed as a Go-To Law Firm — we are prepared to handle the most complicated, high-exposure toxic tort litigation.

    Toxic Substance Exposure Defense

    We represent clients in toxic tort matters that include:

    • Catastrophic personal injuries and illnesses: A toxic spill or toxic exposure can result in class-action lawsuits from members of the community who have suffered illnesses and injuries.
    • Property damage: Local farmers, cemetery owners and other business owners often bring lawsuits against major corporations for damages caused by toxic exposure and other environmental issues.
    • Contractual issues regarding toxic exposure and liability: Even without any incident, corporations can also face litigation for failure to comply with environmental laws. We handle lawsuits involving claims of failure to comply with state and federal environmental regulations and the costs of environmental cleanup after accidents and spills.
    • Proposition 65 lawsuits and claims: California law bars products and operations that expose individuals to particular levels of listed chemicals known to be carcinogenic or cause reproductive harm. Although the concentration of chemicals appearing on the state's ever expanding list of banned substances may seem trivial, claims against business for Proposition 65 violations are expensive and time-consuming. We defend companies against Proposition 65 claims, and know the science and the law to provide an efficient and effective defense to these lawsuits.

    We are the Go-To Law Firm when the stakes are high and losing is not an option for major corporations facing toxic tort litigation.

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