Class-Action and Complex Tort Actions

    High-Exposure Civil Litigation Defense

    For a business facing a class-action lawsuit or a complex tort action, the stakes are high. Losing can be devastating. At Yoka & Smith, LLP, our Los Angeles class-action defense attorneys have a wealth of experience successfully defending our clients against these claims. With FORTUNE 500® companies and other major corporations among our representative clients, we defend clients in California, New York and throughout the nation.

    We have been selected as an All Star Go-To Law Firm for our years of successfully defending class actions and complex tort actions.

    Class Actions

    Class-action lawsuits are entities unto themselves, with different procedural rules and processes. Because of the collective action requirements — commonality, typicality and numerosity — class-action cases can present a company with burdensome and high-exposure litigation. At Yoka & Smith, LLP, our lawyers are experienced in the law and with the judges in the complex courts in defending both class actions, and have the resources and expertise to efficiently and effectively defend these actions regardless of the scope.

    Complex Torts

    "Complex tort action" is more than a simple description of a legal claim that is complicated; it is a legal term of art, by statutory definition or by Judicial Counsel order. Complex actions can proceed by other than the Code of Civil Procedure, and, rather, by any rules ordered by the court that do not conflict with due process.

    In complex tort claims, the stakes are high, the playing field is different than in other cases and the protracted nature of these trials can be costly. At Yoka & Smith, LLP, we are experienced in the defense of complex tort actions. We are familiar with the judges in the complex courts and the procedures used for complex tort claims, and have the resources and experience to efficiently and effectively defend our clients against the most challenging and aggressive claims.

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