Maness vs. Romano's


    Christopher Faenza obtained a defense verdict in this matter involving a claimed injury after tripping and falling at a Romano's Macaroni Grill in Northridge, California. plaintiff alleged that she tripped over a mat that was dangerous and that, as a result, the restaurant was responsible for her injuries, including two knee surgeries as well as a shoulder surgery, all of which she attributed to the fall. At the end of the four day trial, plaintiff sought $200,000 from the jury. defendants successfully argued that the mat utilized at the restaurant was not dangerous. Further, defendants introduced evidence that approximately 1 million customers have been in the restaurant since it opened four years ago, and that the plaintiff, Ms. Maness, was the only person who had fallen. The jury found 11-1 that the defendants were neither negligent nor did they create a dangerous condition on the property.

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