Rodriguez v. Slauson Distribution Center, et al.


    Plaintiff was driving her electric scooter when she fell as she was driving onto the uplifted portion of Slauson Distribution Center’s driveway, sustaining substantial injuries. Sully-Miller previously contracted with the City of Vernon for construction work on the roadway near the premises where Plaintiff fell.

    Based upon Sully-Miller’s prior work on the roadway, Plaintiff brought forth causes of action for negligence and premises liability against Sully-Miller. However, the scope of Sully-Miller’s work on the roadway did not include any work on the subject driveway where Plaintiff fell, nor did Sully-Miller exercise control over the area where Plaintiff fell. Discovery and depositions supported the same.

    A motion for summary judgment was filed on this basis, negating both duty and causation, and the motion was granted today!

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