Vasquez v. California Cemetery and Funeral Services, LLC


    Plaintiff worked as a groundskeeper for 7 years at a cemetery operated by California Cemetery and Funeral Services, LLC (CCFS).   He sued several SCI affiliated companies, including CCFS, alleging that he was denied rest breaks and meal periods and that he wasn’t paid for hundreds of hours of overtime.  

    Chris convinced the Superior Court to order the case to binding arbitration.  In January the case was arbitrated by Chris and the law firm of Stinson Leonard Street, LLP.  Plaintiff was represented by the Matern Law Group, a firm specializing in employment, wrongful termination and wage / hour law.

    Plaintiff’s counsel demanded unpaid overtime, penalties for missed meal / rest breaks, interest and attorney’s fees. 

    Hon. Steven J. Stone (Ret.) entered a defense arbitration award.   

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